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Before we delve into the cause of this topic, let’s give background information about our culprit shall we?

Olamide Adedeji popularly known by his stage name as Olamide Badoo was born March 1989. He was bred in Bariga, Lagos and became famous for doing good music in his native tongue, Yoruba. He indeed is a talented icon in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Ah! We said he was a bad influence, let’s get to that. This icon is not new to controversy. Let’s discuss his song titled “Story for the Gods”, listening to the lyrics careful we would see that he encouraged substance abuse. Remember this part “Mo ti mu dogoyaro, and monkey tail, bami we claro…..” His fans that have never heard about these substances would be curious to try that which their role model had mentioned.

Did we also state that “Story For The gods” encourages Date-rape too? Listen to the part where he said “She said she cannot wait o, she said it’s getting late o, she said she’s getting faint o, story for the gods. Now she’s saying mo rogo, oti kan mi lapa, oti kan mi leyin, story for the gods”. This translates to the girl saying its getting late and wants to go home after he had spent on her. Then you hear when she cries she has suffered, he has broken my arm, he has broken my back. If that is not forced sexual intercourse he is promoting, I don’t know what else date-rape is. He is literally saying ” If you spent on her, you are allowed to have sex with her with or without her consent”

Let us not forget about “Science Student“, once the media clamped down on him, he claimed he was dissuading drug abuse. That’s a debatable statement. He only called them ” Science student” which by all count is no dissuasion. Would you be upset if someone called you Science student? Heck! That’s a compliment!

Remember the #EndSARS campaign that everyone promoted because of all of the atrocities these uniformed men carry out? Well, our beloved Olamide himself invited Yomi-SARS up on stage to perform with him at a concert. We are yet unsure of whatever message he was trying to pass but I think we can all agree that it is not a good one.

Do we need to remind Olamide that his position in society as a figure head demands that he take some responsibility and realise that there are children and youths alike who look up to him or do we just pretend like all of these are not negatives that would guide the thought processes of youths?

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