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Superb readers, be careful: your partner's level of attractiveness means less than what you think about the quality of your relationship.

At least this is the conclusion of a new study exploring science in close relationships, led by psychologist Lucy Hunt and published in this month's Psychological Science. The Hunt team hired 167 couples, married or dating. They were looking for each partner to assess the level of satisfaction they experienced in their relationship. They also measured the attractiveness of each partner by making a group of school students assess the looks of each partner (in other words, the scientific version of

This is what they discovered: the appeal is in no way related to the pleasure of the relationship. Couples who diverged in the ratings of attractiveness were happy in their relationship with couples that are similar in attractiveness.

Hunt elaborates:

"We found that romantic couples who were equally attractive were more satisfied with their relationship than romantic pairs that were not similar attractive, and especially in our sample of married couples and married couples, we did not find a partnership between couples that match with attractiveness and pleasure relationship, either for women or for men ".

Is this a proof that we need to neglect our surface instincts when we think of who we are going to go to? Not necessarily Hunt warns of jumping to the conclusion that physical attraction is irrelevant quality for finding a partner. "Physical attractiveness, in itself, remains one of the most consistent and most desirable features of the romantic couple," he says, though the values ??of objective appeals may not be important, beauty is always in the eye of the observer. .

"The perceptions of the attractiveness of a partner may change over time, departing from the" average "perception of that partner," says Hunt. "So even if most people estimate a particular person as 5 out of 10 of attractiveness, that person's partner can qualify as a person 8. As a summary, this is not a fact that physical attractiveness is not important, but perceptions of attractiveness can change, become more and more unique when people get better acquainted with time. "

Research Hunt also talks about wider debates in the field of close-range investigations. "Our study suggests that the similarity of attractiveness does not have to be so important to the satisfaction of the relationship," she says. "This issue is still being discussed, with some evidence that the similarity in attractiveness provides for the satisfaction of the relationship and some evidence that it is not."

If it should be explored differently, it means that it is really important, as a prohibition of public access, however, a good embargo: appearances do not have everything, and many other qualities -intelligence, fidelity, etc.- also contribute to a good rezultado. partner and a happy relationship. "It's also the person who has chosen to be relatively (apparently) unattractive, and as such can be socio-desperate, many other desirable things," says Hunt.

In general, Hunt will study this to communicate with anyone who is ready to connect with other neighbors. "I think our findings are encouraging," says Ella. "There does not seem to be anything that could be a personal change in relation to an instantly attractive example," he said. "There's nothing special about pursuing."

This is something that none of us should stop making our own relationship decisions.

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